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Intermediate Ancient Hebrew

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Our intermediate course develops students’ confidence in reading and translation through an in depth study of a biblical text, solidifies already acquired grammar and vocabulary, and introduces students to more advanced elements of ancient Hebrew grammar. Students are also introduced to the genre of poetry and learn the differences between Hebrew poetry and prose. This course is generally suitable for students with 6 months-1 year of ancient Hebrew and students wanting to revise foundational features of ancient Hebrew grammar and practice their translation skills. If you are unsure of you level of Hebrew, please contact us via the Contact form. 

June 2024

Intermediate Ancient Hebrew

Class Times

Tuesday 4 June-Tuesday 23 June (inclusive)


8 weeks
1 x 1.5hr live online class per week (recordings will be made available to students to download)


Course content

Text: Selections from Exodus 
Core vocabulary from Exodus 
Translating poetry vs prose
Hebrew verbs: Hiphil, Hophal, Piel, Pual

Athas and Young, Elementary Biblical Hebrew



$395 AUD

I found my passion for Hebrew in Natalie’s classes. She is a creative, engaging and thoughtful teacher, and her enthusiasm for Hebrew is infectious!
Intermediate Hebrew had a really fun, relaxed atmosphere. The content was taught thoroughly, at a pace that was practical to keep up with.
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