Student Testimonials

Natalie makes learning easy and fun by injecting humour into her teaching. She also takes a personal interest in her students’ progress and encourages them to proceed when the going gets rough. I enjoyed my classes with her and I will enrol in another one again!

Yolie, Introduction to Hebrew and Intermediate Hebrew Student

I have studied biblical Greek and Hebrew over several years and I can say without a doubt that Natalie is the best language teacher I’ve had. Her knowledge of the language is extensive, but what makes her a great teacher is her care for her students and her passion for teaching. Her classes were always fun and stimulating. She made Hebrew less of a grind and more of a joy and she was always upbeat and positive. If you want to learn Hebrew you are in very competent, caring hands with Natalie.

Hans, Introduction to Hebrew and Intermediate Hebrew Student

Natalie’s ability and conscientiousness to cultivate confidence and encouragement within the class has very much been appreciated.

Michael, Introduction to Hebrew student

Natalie brings learning Hebrew to life. She knows how to keep rusty adult learners engaged and processing and she has a beautiful way of provoking thought. Natalie goes the extra mile to ensure her students understand the deeper riches of the content.

Lainie, Introduction to Hebrew and Intermediate Hebrew student

Classes were engaging and upbeat while also challenging me to study hard and develop a solid foundation in Ancient Hebrew. Natalie is warm, relatable, encouraging, and cares about her students’ progress and understanding – an excellent teacher!

Aysha, Introduction to Hebrew and Intermediate Hebrew student

It was wonderful to engage with the ancient texts so early on, to have detailed discussions of grammar, and I loved the supportive and fun learning environment.

Terry, Advanced Hebrew student

Hebrew classes were a blast — an enjoyable mixture of interesting discussions and engaging, well-structured lessons — I left them with a solid grasp of the Hebrew language, and a smile on my face.

Levi, Intermediate Hebrew student

Intermediate Hebrew had a really fun, relaxed atmosphere. The content was taught thoroughly, at a pace that was practical to keep up with.

Shoshana, Intermediate Hebrew student

Natalie is a teacher who rewards the curiosity of her students through her knowledge of the Hebrew language and the history surrounding it, transforming an unfamiliar language into a real and engaging culture.

Samuel, Introduction to Hebrew and Intermediate Hebrew student

I had a great time in Hebrew this summer. My knowledge of the language has increased dramatically.

David, Introduction to Hebrew student

I found my passion for Hebrew in Natalie’s classes. She is a creative, engaging and thoughtful teacher, and her enthusiasm for Hebrew is infectious!

Evie, Introduction to Hebrew and Intermediate Hebrew student

Natalie makes learning Hebrew so incredibly engaging and fun. Classes are simple but effective. 

Jonny, Intermediate Hebrew student
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