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We teach a range of online courses in biblical studies and ancient Hebrew for learners of all levels. We believe that high quality, academic study of the Bible and its related literature should be available to everyone regardless of their age, gender, prior education or spiritual convictions. In our classes, we approach the Bible and related literature from an historical perspective while not losing site of the ongoing importance of this text for people from various faith traditions. We draw on insights from the latest research in diverse fields to enliven the biblical texts and provoke you to consider the Bible from new perspectives. 

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Why learn ancient Hebrew?

Ancient Hebrew is the key to unlocking the mysteries of the Bible…In fact, in Hebrew the word for “key” shares the same root as the verb “to open”. Learning ancient Hebrew opens up a whole realm of experience and understanding that is not possible when you read the Bible in translation. 

Think of it like this: reading the Bible in translation is like looking at a black and white, two-dimensional picture. Objects appear colourless, they don’t have depth, you can’t see their richness or clearly make out their relationship to other objects in the picture.

But when you read the Bible in ancient Hebrew, the text comes to life, as though you are walking through a vibrant, three-dimensional scene. Important connections are illuminated, questions are answered, and a new appreciation for the richness and complexity of the Bible is developed.

The biblical authors convey their messages in ways that are different to English. One important way biblical authors convey nuance, meaning, and humour is through witty wordplays that connect different concepts, characters, and events in a story. But these wordplays only make sense in Hebrew and because of this so much is lost in translation.

From the very first ancient Hebrew word you learn you will begin to foster a deeper understanding of the Bible. And the good news is that our educational approach at Learn Ancient Hebrew not only makes learning this unique language accessible, it makes learning Hebrew fun.

I learnt so much through the interesting and thorough explanations and activities, and most importantly, Natalie's enthusiasm throughout the lesson. It was such a warm class to be in which is quite rare, particularly learning online.


Engaging, world-class teaching

Dr Mylonas is internationally recognised for her teaching excellence. She is also an active researcher in biblical studies, meaning you’ll learn the very latest discoveries and insights relating to ancient Israel and the Bible alongside your language learning.

Our teaching approach creates a vibrant and engaged learning community that honours and values the unique perspective, contribution, and wisdom of each of its members.

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